Jannes Peters

6 Projects

UX designer and prototyper in Berlin

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Microsoft KIN Designer

KIN was a phone pair of phones developed by Microsoft with Verizon and Sharp. The phones were targeted at socially active teenagers. 

vitaminB Design + Prototyping

vitamin B is an exploration of digital and tangible reading. The user can move objects on an interactive table. Projected graphics will follow these objects. By manipulating the objects the user can browse pages or books. 

WP7 Photo & Camera Experiences Lead Designer

Our goal for Windows Phone Mango was to make the camera and photos experience more people centric. So we created a new people view in pictures that shows photos of the important people in your life as well as all your friends photo albums. 

Flickr Explorer for WP7 Design and development

Flickr explorer is a simple app that search pictures around you. The idea is that you define your own keywords. For my example I chose “architecture” and “streetart”. 

img news reader Design and development

Img is a visual news reader. Add your blogs or any other news source, and it will extract all images. Img is great for browsing design, architecture, art and photography blogs. 

Nexight UX Design and Prototyping

My Master Thesis in Interaction Design at Umea Institute of Design, Sweden. Nexight is a design concept for the radiologist reading room. My idea was to bring Natural Interactions to the radiology department. http://www.jannespeters.com/master-thesis-with-philips-design/